Police called to deal with protestors

Police were called to a council meeting after some protesters were stopped from getting into a crowded meeting as sites for new homes were being discussed.

Around 30 people were turned away from the meeting at Ripley Town Hall on Wednesday,July 23. They wanted to voice their concerns over the council’s core strategy development blueprint document for Amber Valley, which was set to look at a number of sites across the borough earmarked for potential housing.

Police were called after the protestors tried to enter the council chamber. No arrests were made.

A council spokesperson said: “Fire regulations limit the number of people who can be present in the council chamber at one time. People who had registered to speak in advance of the meeting and representatives of various areas of the borough who wanted to listen to the debate had already been admitted and the meeting had started.

“Regrettably it was not possible to admit all of the people remaining outside the meeting and it was 
necessary to call the police when some attempted to gain access against this advice.”

The borough council’s core strategy includes pinpointing sites that could be used for things including housing and will act is a vital blueprint when determining planning applications in the borough.

Earlier this year a Government inspector controversially suspended a detailed probe in to the core strategy document so the council could carry out more work, including pinpointing more potential housing sites and evidence on thr need for the A610 link road.

Sites for homes had to include ones to help Derby city with its quota of homes it has to build. The Government sets targets for councils when it comes to new homequotas.