Ripley woman allergic to water

Rachel Prince, alleric to water
Rachel Prince, alleric to water

Whilst most of us will be pleased that Britain’s torrid weather has seemingly come to an end and the sun has began to make appearance, nobody will be happier than Rachel Prince.

Rachel, 26, of Victory Avenue in Ripley, suffers from an incredibly rare skin condition called Aquagenic

Pruritus meaning that even a single drop of water could see her break out in a painful rash.

It is believed that just 35 people suffer from the condition across the globe.

Rachel discovered she suffered from the rare condition when she was aged 12 and was given a diagnosis in 2003.

But Rachel is aiming not to let her condition rule her life as she prepares for her dream wedding.

She said: “The rash makes me feel as though my skin is on fire and it itches, it’s unpleasant and I wouldn’t wish it

upon anyone.”

Recent weather conditions up and down the country over the last two months have led to a string of long and miserable afternoons stuck inside the house for Rachel as Britain experienced some of the wettest days in 200 years.

At present their is no known cure for her illness.

With her condition greatly limiting what she can do Rachel often finds herself eagerly awaiting the weather report to find out whether she can leave the house on any given day.

“Being indoors all the time makes me very miserable. It’s just incredibly depressing at times. I’d love to be able to live normally.

“I absolutely love being outdoors so I do find it really difficult to deal with sometimes.

“I do find things to keep myself occupied with, such as watching documentaries and studying up on subjects I’m interested in.

“But if I’m honest it’s still no substitute to being able to go outside and enjoy myself whenever I want, rather than when weather dictates.”

To read more about Rachel’s rare condition pick up a copy of the Ripley and Heanor News this Thursday.