YOUR VIEW: Reader’s letter on the ditching of the studio school plan in Heanor

Derby College Principal Mandie Stravino

Derby College Principal Mandie Stravino

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There’s a solution here staring us in the face. We need to think of solutions to the challenges we are facing, it just needs a bit of imagination... 1. College pulls out of plans to open studio in Heanor town centre.

2. Heanor hospital needs rebuilding.

3. Visitors and patients to Heanor hospital need good access from the town centre.

4. New extra care facility being built in Heanor town centre.

5. Heanor Library needs rebuilding.

6. Sustained cuts in public sector funding.

7. Need to encourage people to use public transport more to reduce car usage where possible.

8. Heanor town centre increasingly blighted.

9. Heanor town centre businesses need footfall to sustain their businesses.

Is it just me but could we combine a smaller college offer, new hospital and new library on the college site in Heanor?

The original building would make a great library and college space. The post-war additions could be removed and a new hospital facility built. As part of the development the development could incorporate energy saving measures and green energy sources such as solar panels to keep the running costs low.

The existing library and hospital sites could be sold for family housing, generating money to help finance it all. If we were even more sensible, we could throw the fire station into the mix to ensure we keep the fire station in the town for years to come.

The new development could keep some or all of the car park on the college site. If the area used by the car park was needed for new buildings, the new building could rely on existing town centre car parks such as the underused Wilmot Street car park. This would mean people would walk past town centre shops as they walk to and from the new hospital, library and college site - thereby supporting increased town centre footfall that traders desperately need.

In London, this joined up thinking across public service and education providers is common.

Maybe we need to bring this joined up thinking here and kill a few birds with a cracking big stone of common sense. We’d solve a lot of problems with a simple solution.

What do other readers think?

Stefan Kruczkowski

urban designer

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