Review: Agnes of God at the Lace Market Theatre

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It is very rare for an amateur performance to completely captivate an audience and hold them in absolute suspense. It is even rarer for a performance to introduce a better version of the original play so you wouldn’t wish to see the traditional version.

Yet Mansfield-based Zodiac Theatre’s performance last night (Wednesday August 6), directed by Simon Ward achieved precisely these two feats.

The harrowingly beautiful tale of Agnes of God follows court psychiatrist, Doctor Livingstone (played by Anna Sanderson), as she works through a case which tests her atheism to the absolute limits. Young nun Agnes (Lindsay Foster), is about to face trail for murder of her newborn child and Doctor Livingstone has been tasked with determining whether she is clinically insane. The difficulties arise as Agnes has been raised in a protective bubble and has reached 21-years-old completely ignorant of the realities of the world around her, and her Mother Superior (Katie Ward) intends to preserve this pure innocence. This sparks the age-old clash between religion and science as each try to do what’s best for Agnes.


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