Ex cadet leader faces sex charges

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The former leader of an air cadets’ group is expected to stand trial on charges of sex offences against a teenage girl.

James Dodd, 41, of Masefield Avenue, Holmewood, Chesterfield, was the commanding officer of the 1803 (Hucknall) Air Training Corps squadron.

Dodd appeared at Nottingham Crown Court facing charges dating back nine years.

His case was adjourned until a plea hearing on July 24 and a trial is expected from September 29.

When he appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court in March, Dodd was accused of five offences in Hucknall between September 24, 2005, and September 25, 2006.

Four were for allegedly committing sexual acts and one was for allegedly inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity. Dodd was also accused of possessing two indecent photographs of children between September 24, 2005, and May 1, 2013. He was released on conditional bail.

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