Did UFOs warn of impending Lake District earthquake?

A UFO research organisation has revealed that sightings went up drastically in Cumbria, shortly before an earth tremor hit the area.

North West UFO Research (NWUR) claims it was inundated with UFO reports from Cumbria since the beginning of 2009, which was particulalry strange because sightings had virtually dried up in the area beforehand.

Then on Tuesday, April 28, a 3.7 magnitude earth tremor hit, centered on Ulverston.

NWUR Founder and author of Dirty Politics, Pat Regan, said: "I was initially alerted to this situation by Coast Guard Officer, Mr Paul Harrison.

"One thing that instantly sprung to my mind was a possible connection between the earthquake and the large spate of UFO sightings that we have recently dealt with.

"Did the strange balls of light, seen by numerous witnesses, have any possible link to the tremor? Many people have been asking me what the balls of light seen in Cumbria could be and NWUR have reported on this in great detail."

Mr Regan also said there have been other cases of UFO sightings increasing before natural disasters all over the world - and that numbers increased in Thailand shortly before the Asian Tsunami hit.

He said: "One theory posed by experts is that such phenomena occur when rock structures under great stress release gas. At such times electromagnetic waves with radioactive gasses escape and ionize the air, which in turn create odd lights.

"Another speculation is that the UFOs seen before earthquakes are entities of an extraterrestrial nature or from the spiritual realm, which have arrived to either monitor the worsening geological situation or possibly warn us of the impending danger to come.

"The truth of the matter is that we currently do not know precisely what is happening."


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