Crime rise linked to recession



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Crime figures up and down – but still lower than two years ago. An overall drop in crime in Ripley Town Centre showed 5.6 per cent or 47 fewer crimes compared to 2012/13. Over in Heanor and Loscoe, the latest figures have gone the other way, with an overall increase of 3.9 per cent (33 crimes).

What I want to see is the same as you: reduced crime across the board. However, it is helpful to put these statistics into perspective. Recorded crime in Derbyshire has risen for the first time in ten years – but is still lower than two years ago when there were 15 per cent more offences reported. And that, considering the funding challenges that Derbyshire Constabulary has faced in recent years, is quite remarkable.

I believe that the rise in some types of crime is ‘poverty driven crime’ - caused by the increasing financial hardship faced by some families which is driving otherwise law-abiding people to crime. 


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