Learning kichen chemistry

South Winfgield Women's Institute
South Winfgield Women's Institute
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Kate Hazell and Mala Mistry swopped aprons for lab coats to entertain South Wingfield Women’s Institute with a demonstration of Kitchen Chemistry. Reactions such as using fruit and veg’ juice as indicators of acids and alkalis, exploding icing sugar and making ice lollies without a fridge were used to gallop through some chemical principles. Volunteers watched nervously as gloves were inflated with a vinegar and bicarb mixture. The mysterious blue bottle kept going clear and the demonstration finished with a whoosh of “elephant’s toothpaste”. Members responded enthusiastically, although some were dubious of the wisdom of trying these activities at home.

After a break we welcomed four new members into our WI.

We hope they will continue to enjoy the opportunities for fun, friendship, learning and campaigning that the WI offers at local, County and National levels.