Former workers plan American Adventure reunion

A REUNION of former American Adventure workers is being organised by three friends who worked there when the park opened 20 years ago.

Tim Birkin, of Fletcher Street, Heanor along with pals Brian

Harrison and Jenny Maskill decided on the reunion at a recent get together and are looking for people wanting to attend the event.

The three met when they all worked at the park in the late 80s. Mr Birkin said: "We are trying to organise a reunion and it seems a little more apt to do it now that the park has closed."

Mr Birkin worked at the theme park between 1987 and 1988 in one of the shops. It was his first job after leaving school at 16.

He said: "Me, Brian and Jenny worked together and made long lasting friendships."

Mr Birkin also used to go to the park as a visitor on a regular basis after he worked there.

He said: "I would like to see it go back to something more organic with a Derbyshire theme such as an open park where no one has to pay. It could be the pride of Derbyshire."

The group are looking for a venue to hold the event which they hope will take place around June.

"We were hoping to hold it somewhere on the site but we rang the American Adventure and they weren't interested." said Mr Birkin.

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The future of the American Adventure site has not been decided on.