David Dickinson’s Real Deal set to come to Alfreton

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Amber Valley’s keen collectors will given the chance to earn themselves a real deal as David Dickinson is set to visit Alfreton next month.

David Dickinson’s Real Deal TV cameras will be filming an episode in Alfreton where people can take their prized antiques to be valued at Alfreton Leisure Centre on Saturday, May 17, from 9am till 5pm.

Last time the Real Deal crew were in the area, One resident sold her charm bracelet for £1080, while another resident made an impressive £4,900 at auction on their GMT masters watch.

You can contact the Dickinson’s Real Deal team with any queries regarding the event or the programme via the DRD hotline on 0117 970 7618.

Admission is free and no tickets are needed, but identification is needed to sell any items you bring along to the event.