Man punched in the face

A SOMERCOTES man launched an attack on a victim he believed had damaged his car, a court has heard.

Craig Amos was watching a film at a friend’s home in Welbeck Close in the village when Stephen Gash called at the address with his partner.

Mr Amos heard Gash, 31, shout that he was going to “get” him for the damage and he replied that he did not know was Gash was talking about.

Chesterfield magistrates were told that Gash then burst into the property, grabbed Mr Amos by the scruff of his neck and knocked him to the floor.

He sat on top of Mr Amos and punched him several times before leaving, a witness told police.

“He said he went there because the complainant had damaged his vehicle and he wanted to black his eye or bust his nose for it. He said he hit him four or five times,” said Becky Mahon, prosecuting.

Gash, of Blackstone Close, admitted the June 8 assault on Mr Amos, who had two small cuts glued at hospital.

Gash was convicted of a similar offence nine years ago. The Bench adjourned the hearing until November 16 for sentences, as the news went to press..

“We didn’t go around there to assault him. I went round to ask him why he did that to my car. We were invited in and we had a bit of rough and tumble,” he told the court.