Heanor and Loscoe officers set anti-social behaviour and vehicle damage as policing priorities

Police hunt armed robber
Police hunt armed robber

Safer Neighbourhood officers in Heanor and Loscoe have set new policing priorities to work towards, following a meeting with local people.

Team members from the Heanor and Loscoe beat held a community panel meeting with residents on Tuesday, October 13 to hear about local issues and concerns.

Using feedback from members of the public, they have set new priorities to work towards tackling in the future.

Officers will be working to target anti-social behaviour on Bridge Street and damage to Bailey Brook Drive, Heanor after local people raised concerns.

They will be increasing patrols in the areas at key times, advising young people about issues around anti-social behaviour, seizing alcohol from underage drinkers and taking appropriate action against those found to be causing problems.

Damage to vehicles on Claramount Road and Howitt Street, Heanor is also on the agenda for officers. They will be stepping up high-visibility and plain clothed patrols in a bid to catch offenders and deter this type of crime and they will be gathering information around any key times for incidents or individuals involved in damage.

Team members are encouraging residents to be vigilant and to report incidents and anyone acting suspiciously. They will also be visiting homes in the area to offer advice to around vehicle security. Appropriate action will be taken against any offenders.

Police will also be tackling anti-social behaviour and nuisance vehicles on the tennis courts on Dobholes Lane in Smalley by speaking to anyone found to be causing it about the effects that their behaviour may have on the local community. They will be carrying out enforcement action including issuing Section 59 warnings and fixed penalty notices where necessary.

Officers are encouraging residents to report any local issues to them by calling 101. You can also contact your local Safer Neighbourhood team via the web at www.derbyshire.police.uk/My-Local-Police/CDivision/AmberValleySection/Heanor-Loscoe/contact-team.aspx.

You can also keep up to date with policing in your community follow @HeanorLoscoeSNT on Twitter.