Flasher must wear pants, says a judge

david jones flasher
david jones flasher
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a JUDGE has banned a persistent flasher from going out without underwear after jailing him for a year for indecent exposure at Alfreton Library.

A court heard that jobless David Jones, 35, was first convicted of the offence in 1992. The latest incident was committed on August 15, a few days after his release from prison.

David Outterside, prosecuting, said Jones was seen walking around the library. He was seen several times by a woman who was inside the building.

He then unzipped his jeans and exposed himself, Derby Crown Court heard.

“He was standing in front of her and she was alarmed and concerned,” said Mr Outterside.

Jones ran from the library but was arrested nearby by police. He admitted indecent exposure.

Mr Outterside said the woman described the incident as lasting for two hours.

“She felt shocked and sick about what had happened and expresses concern for any children who were in the library,” he said.

Later she made a statement outlining the effect of the offence and said it had caused migraines, left her with problems getting to sleep and she “also had visions thinking back to what had happened.”

Jones could be jailed again if he defies the underwear order, even if he commits no other offence.

Among his criminal record were two offences of indecent assault for which he got two years six months prison in February 2008.

Judge Michael Fowler said the victim’s statement underlined the seriousness of the indecent exposure.

He told Jones on Friday: “You represent a dangerous offender.

“There is a substantial risk of victims suffering long term psychological damage.”

As part of the Sexual Offences Prevention Order, Jones was “prohibited from being in public without wearing underwear” and “must not engage in sexual conversation with any female unknown to him.”

Andrew Coley, mitigating, told the judge: “The psychologist suggests Mr Jones is not driven directly by sexual satisfaction but rather by his needs for closeness and affection.

“He is a lonely man looking for affirmation and going about it in completely the wrong way.”