CCTV probe after trouble flares at Alfreton match


Police want to trace a number of men after trouble flared during an Alfreton Town match.

Incidents of jeering and coin-throwing broke out between rival fans at the Impact Arena during the Blue Square Premier Division match against Grimsby Town on January 12, 2012.



During the match, police said there were “a number of incidents of disorder” which officers say they are currently investigating.

As part of the enquiry, officers want to identify and trace a number of men captured on CCTV as they believe they may be able to provide vital information.

PC Roger Brown, football intelligence officer for Alfreton Town, said: “We are working closely with the club following the match to identify those involved.

“Both the police and Alfreton Town have a zero tolerance approach to disorder and where appropriate we will put people before the courts and apply for banning orders.”



A witness at the match said the trouble, which was confined to goading and jeering.

He added: “Supporters are normally segregated - there’s a 11 or 12 ft gap in between them with stewards and police officers.

“They took great delight in winding each other up. They threw coins and cigarette lighters.

“The fans didn’t get to grips with each other. There were one or two who were drunk and disorderly but they were ejected. On the fan forums was moaning about this.

“I can’t really understand why the police are going overboard about this. The fans were separated by fencing.

“There was no physical contact that I could see. Maybe there was some trouble after the match.

“Grimsby brought over 1,000 fans. Police singled out a very small minority. There was only about ten to 15 people that wanted to cause trouble.”

Tthe January 12 match saw Grimbsy win 5 - 2.

Alfreton are currently in the relegation zone of the Conference Premier League.

They need around 15 points from the next 14 matches to avoid relegation.

Anyone with any information on the incidents or who can identify the people in the CCTV is asked to contact Derbyshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, said a spokesman.