Crash death: New appeal for help

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POLICE investigating the death of a woman killed in a Selston road crash have released more information about the incident.

Vicki Dorman, 42, of Underwood, died after the collision at 9pm on September 24 when the blue Subaru Impreza she was driving left the road and collided with a tree. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was known that a second, small dark vehicle was travelling close to the Subaru at the time of the crash, but despite repeated appeals by police the driver has not come forward.

Officers believe the car was being driven by a young woman with blonde hair with two young men in the back seat. They spoke to other people at the scene before the emergency services arrived and appeared to be in an ‘excited’ and ‘agitated’ state.

Det Sgt Ged Hazelwood said: “I would urge the driver or either of the passengers to speak to us. Our enquiries are continuing and there is every likelihood we will in time locate them.

“Clearly it is to their advantage to come forward and explain what happened. Inevitably, as more time passes, our concern that these people may have reason not to want to speak to police grows. “