Council plea over parking hotspots

Hewlett Street disabled parking bays.
Hewlett Street disabled parking bays.

The council has made a plea to drivers to respect disabled parking spaces after fines have soared across Amber Valley including hotspots in Ripley and Heanor.

The number of parking fines being issued to drivers who park illegally in disabled parking bays has rapidly increased.

Amber Valley Borough Council appealed to drivers to respect the disabled spaces that are provided for those with reduced mobility.

Cabinet member for the environment Councillor John McCabe, said: “The council provides disabled spaces for those who have been medically assessed as needing a blue badge.

“If those who do not need the disabled spaces park in them, it can prevent people in genuine need from being able to park.

“I am therefore appealing for people not to use the disabled parking bays, if they don’t hold a valid blue badge.”

In the last three years the council has issued over 650 penalty charge notices for incorrect disabled parking.

The hotspots in Ripley and Heanor have been revealed as 

Crossley Street car park and Ripley Leisure 
Centre, Derby Road, Ripley, and Heanor Leisure Centre, Hands Road.

Blue badge holder Nigel Morris, of Ripley, echoes the council’s plea.

He said: “I couldn’t agree more with the council. I have had to struggle due to careless drivers parking wherever they want.

“Blue badges exist for a reason – to make life easier for those who are disabled. I’d like to see 
people show more respect.”