Andy’s rock star look stirs up web debate

London Hardrock cafe proposal for Andy Pearson and Nikki Dunbar.
London Hardrock cafe proposal for Andy Pearson and Nikki Dunbar.

While driving instructor Andy Pearson is no stranger to making the headlines, it seems that his latest appearance in the Ripley & Heanor News has caused quite a stir on the internet.

The tattoed rock fan, who runs Drive Like a Rock Star driving school in Heanor appeared in the News and on our website at after narrowly missing out on being named the country’s top teacher at the Golden L awards in Worcester.

Whilst his students, graduates, friends and family have been quick to heap praise on Andy, 36, not all feedback he has received has been positive.

Andy’s tattoed rock look sparked a huge online debate among instructors up and down the country over whether he sets a good example to students. Even Andy’s Ford Fiesta car is customised to suit his look with its skulls and flames paint job.

He said this week: “I knew that I was bound to ruffle a few feathers with the way I go about my business.

“But what I did not expect was the nastiness I’ve received from some of my fellow driving instructors.”

Andy was praised by one of the organisers of the event on Facebook which sparked huge debate between instructors as to whether Andy’s approach towards his professional image is what should be expected of a driving instructor.

“I’ve received some nasty messages over the last few days, most people have told me that my image is ridiculous and that I’m incredibly unprofessional for driving around in my black flame covered car and looking like I do.

“But all I have to say to them is have a look at my pass rate it’s way above the national average, I work incredibly hard, I’ve got all the qualifications I can possibly get at this stage of my career and my students are happy.

“The Sex Pistols didn’t get to where they were without a little bit of controversy. Besides if there wasn’t any controversy surrounding me I wouldn’t be a rockstar would I!”

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